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After the Easter holidays, public and private schools in Puebla will be back 100 percent face-to-face classes starting next Monday, April 25, more than two years after the COVID-19 pandemic began.

This measure will allow basic education students (preschool, elementary and middle school) and upper secondary education (high schools) to attend face-to-face classes every day in their respective educational facilities.

The change in the class model will take place eight months after a hybrid class format in Puebla, in which students combined face-to-face classes with homework.

Having this change, classes will no longer be taught through hybrid and distance systems.

In recent weeks, several states such as Guanajuato and Jalisco have announced that they will be back to face-to-face classes in their entirety, leaving behind hybrid and distance models.

Clases presenciales en Puebla
Sanitary measures will be maintained with the return to face-to-face classes
. (Photo: Es Imagen)

Miguel Barbosa Huerta, Puebla’s Governor reported during the press conference on Friday, March 25, that Puebla schools will go back to their activities they they used to have before the pandemic:

All in all with the Ministry of Public Education, we decided that all students will return to face-to-face classes after Easter holidays. There is no longer any reason to maintain this dual delivery of education”.

Likewise, the president indicated that in the event of dangerous situations or infections by COVID-19, it will be analyzed between the Government, SEP and the schools.

Meliton Lozano, Education’s Secretary of Puebla, wasn’t present at the conference. It’s expected that in the coming days they will announce the details of the return to face-to-face classes.

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