Cecilia Monzón, a lawyer and women’s rights activist, was murdered in Puebla.

She was murdered on May 21 while driving her truck on Camino Real to Momoxpan, in San Pedro Cholula, Puebla.

The killers, traveling on a motorcycle, intercepted Cecilia and shot her at least six times.

The crime caused great commotion in Puebla and the rest of the country due to the work and work carried out by Cecilia Monzón for the defense of women’s rights, as she litigated cases of family violence, vicarious violence and alimony.

After learning of the murder, civil organizations showed their indignation and demanded that the State Attorney General’s Office find those responsible.

We demand that this femicide not go unpunished, that the fight that the activist Cecilia Monzón was carrying out be the subject of an immediate investigation by the Puebla Prosecutor’s Office. Enough of so much impunity and femicides in the State of Puebla,” they point out in the statement.

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For its part, the Comisión Nacional para Prevenir y Erradicar la Violencia contra las Mujeres (CONAVIM) condemned the murder and requested that the investigation be initiated based on the femicide protocols.

cecilia monzón
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Cecilia Monzón was also a Spanish citizen and after her murder, the Spanish embassy condemned the armed attack against the lawyer for which she lost her life.

After the crime, the Puebla Prosecutor’s Office said it had images of what happened and determined that it was a direct attack. Therefore, the investigations to clarify the murder would begin to take direction.

16 days after Cecilia’s death, Javier López Zavala, her former partner and biological father of her son, was arrested.

Precisely, Cecilia Monzón maintained a lawsuit against Javier López Zavala for alimony.

Javier López Zavala- cecilia monzón
In the picture, Javier López Zavala. (Photo: Es Imagen)

López Zavala is a character in the political life of Puebla, as he has held various public positions such as secretaries of state and councils.

The Puebla Prosecutor’s Office reported that, in addition to López Zavala, two other people were also arrested: his nephew and a collaborator.

The authorities accuse Zavala of having ordered the death of Monzón in April 2022. For this, he gave his nephew a weapon and a motorcycle. In turn, they hired another subject to fire the weapon against Cecilia.

Thus, the men chased Cecilia Monzón through several streets until they caught up with her and shot her.

Subsequently, the men escaped to a house in the Universidades neighborhood where they hid and left the motorcycle, the clothing and the weapon. They boarded a truck, lent by Zavala’s collaborator, to go to Chiapas and Veracruz.

These clues were investigated by the authorities, which facilitated his capture.

Now Zavala, his nephew and collaborator will remain in prison while the investigations for the crime of femicide continue. Although it is expected that the material author, the person who shot against her, is apprehended.