Giraffe Benito, a four-year-old giraffe whose plight captured the hearts of thousands, has found a new lease on life in a wildlife sanctuary in Mexico.

This move marks a significant milestone in the efforts to improve animal welfare and awareness in the country.

jirafa benito en africam safari
(Foto: Juan Carlos Sánchez Díaz)

Benito’s Harsh Life in Ciudad Juarez

Giraffe Benito living in Inadequate Conditions

In Ciudad Juarez, Giraffe Benito lived in less than ideal conditions, which sparked public outcry and led to a widespread campaign for his relocation.

In Ciudad Juárez, Benito lived in conditions that were far from ideal for a giraffe, leading to public concern. The park where he was kept did not have the necessary facilities or care required for an animal of his species, especially considering the region’s extreme weather conditions.

jirafa benito en africam safari
(Foto: Juan Carlos Sánchez Díaz)

Benito’s situation caught the public’s attention, leading to a massive campaign for his relocation. Concerned citizens mobilized through social media and petitions, demanding a better home for Benito.

This social movement was crucial in initiating the relocation process.

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jirafa benito en africam safariThe Journey to a New Home

A 1,200-mile Road Trip

Benito’s journey to his new home was no small feat. Covering over 1,200 miles, it required meticulous planning and care.

The public’s involvement, visible in the heartfelt farewell Benito received, highlights the strong connection between the community and this gentle giant.

A Bright Future in Africam Safari Park, Puebla

Joining a New Giraffe Family

Now in Africam Safari Park in Puebla, Benito enjoys a much more suitable environment. The warm welcome he received and the prospect of joining a new family of giraffes offer hope for a happier and healthier life.

jirafa benito en africam safari / giraffe Benito
(Foto: Juan Carlos Sánchez Díaz)

In Africam Safari, giraffe Benito will have the opportunity to socialize and be part of a giraffe herd.

This aspect is vital for his development and happiness, allowing him to interact with others of his species, something he lacked in Ciudad Juárez.

This story of Benito is not just about a giraffe finding a new home; it’s a testament to the power of community advocacy and the importance of ensuring the well-being of all living creatures.