Boxeador Saúl “El Matador” Rivera

"El Matador" Rivera: The boxer that makes Puebla proud

As an amateur boxer he participated in 22 fights, of which he won 21 by knockout. Now, as a professional, he will face Andrés Galindo.

Why is Cinco de Mayo celebrated in the United States?

Since then, Cinco de Mayo has become a cultural holiday that celebrates both Mexicans and Latinos in the United States, making it even more important than Independence Day.

Puebla inaugurates flights to Ixtapa and Acapulco

Flights from Puebla to Ixtapa and Acapulco will begin operating during the first half of May 2022, by Aeromar.

Poblanos will seek to make the largest cemita in the world

From April 29 to May 1, 2022, the fourth edition of the Cemita Poblana Festival will be held on the CENHCH esplanade.
Cascada de los Pescaditosvideo

Cascada de los Pescaditos: a hidden spring in Puebla

The Cascada de los Pescaditos is located in the Puebla municipality of Molcaxac, approximately an hour and a half from the state capital.

Places to eat Elotes and Esquites in Puebla

In these places in Puebla we recommend you to buy tostiesquites, elotes and esquites.
Sitio de Puebla en San Javier

155 years after the last Siege of Puebla

155 years have passed since the last Siege of Puebla, a battle led by General Porfirio Díaz.

Border agent shot a migrant from Puebla

Last February, a migrant from Puebla, was shot by a Border Patrol agent in southern Arizona.
Maltrato animal

Second sentence for animal abuse in Puebla

A man received a sentence of three years and eight months in prison for animal abuse in Puebla.

Magical Garden and Bonsai Museum: don't miss it!

El Jardín Mágico cuenta con más de 40 mil plantas en exhibición y a la venta, en el Museo de Bonsái también hay distintos ejemplares en venta.

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