Chuchita, the millenary finding of the Casa del Mendrugo

The people decided to name the mortal remains Jesusa or Chuchita since the Casa del Mendrugo was inhabited for many years by the Jesuit order.
Cereso Puebla

Mexico to release 681 elderly prisoners under certain conditions

As of September 14, two governments have already presented their agreements to initiate the pre-release process and are already eligible for the benefit.
Mole poblano

Puebla recipes to celebrate the Mexican Independence Day

September 15 is usually celebrated with recipes of typical Mexican dishes, and in Puebla there are many with the local style to commemorate the Independence.

Barrio de los Sapos: antique bazaar in Puebla

This place is called "El barrio de los sapos" (the toads' neighborhood) because the rains used to flood the site, causing the proliferation of these animals.
Conventos de Puebla Atlixco

Convents at the foothills of Popocatepetl

Huejotzingo, Calpan and Tochimilco are the three Franciscan convents located in the foothills of the Popocatepetl volcano.
Vacuna anticovid

Puebla: teenagers receive vaccine after winning injunction

The teenagers received the first Pfizer dose at the General Hospital of Tehuacan, where the vaccination day for 30 to 39 year olds was held this week.

Puebla Neighborhoods: Xanenetla, a place of murals

This old neighborhood of Puebla was once distinguished for being the home of the city's brickmakers and potters.
Franciscanos en Puebla

The Franciscan murals in the San Gabriel Convent

The Franciscan Convent of San Gabriel is one of the most emblematic architectural monuments of the long Mesoamerican history.

Puebla's Magic Towns: Ten paradises in the state

Discover the wonders of the magical destinations in the state of Puebla.
Cencalli Teatrovideo

Cencalli: Puebla's theater with a social perspective on the pandemic

Ángel Moreno, Frida Mancilla, Paul Delfín and Rodrigo Roman, have founded in 2020, one of the most promising theater groups in Puebla.

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