Presno House, a Porfiriato's gem

Due to its France architecture, the building was chosen to film Frida movie, performed by Salma Hayek, where presented an European building.

Architecture of Alfeñique House, a sweet facade

Alfeñique House is located in 6 Norte Street N. 400, it was called like that because its facade looks like made of Alfeñique candy.

Old cinemas in Puebla: the beginning of modernity

The story begins in 1898 when Joaquín M. Prado, owner of a Lumiére cinematograph, requested permits for the construction of the first cinema.

The Convent of Santo Domingo, a gem in Puebla

Located in Puebla's downtown, the Convent of "Santo Domingo", and the Chapel "Del Rosario" are a must-see architectural jewel.

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