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Brandon Burgos, the youngest tattoo artist in Puebla

Brandon is 11 years old and has been giving tattoos of different sizes and difficulties to people, including his dad, uncles and friends, for over a year.

Puebla among the states with more acid attacks in México

According to the Carmen Sanchez Foundation, Puebla, Mexico City and Mexico State have reported six acid attacks in the last 20 years.

One year after Susana's femicide: without justice and in neglect

Susana Cerón was murdered in November 2020. The main suspect is her ex boyfriend, an SSP police officer. One year later, there is still no hearing for the case.

Anxiety and depression: the other consequences of COVID

Post-COVID syndrome was included in the WHO International Classification of Diseases. So far, more than 200 symptoms have been linked.

El Páramo de los Duendes: magic and mysticism in Huaquechula

It is located in Huaquechula, Puebla and seeks a convergence between the user and one of the 50 elves in this space.

Lilia Cedillo, first woman to lead BUAP

On October 4, Lilia Cedillo took office as BUAP President. Among her first actions is to exempt students from paying fees to those in vulnerable situations due to the pandemic.

Old cinemas in Puebla: the beginning of modernity

The story begins in 1898 when Joaquín M. Prado, owner of a Lumiére cinematograph, requested permits for the construction of the first cinema.

Police dogs in Puebla: how are they trained to detect drugs?

The K9 Canine Unit's forte is the detection of narcotics, as they usually carry out inspections at various sites in order to search for narcotics.

Migrant crisis on the U.S.-Mexico border: All for a dream

Unofficial government figures mention that more than 12 thousand migrants have arrived in Ciudad Acuña, sleeping under the bridge that connects with the United States.

Olimpia Coral: Puebla activist fighting against digital violence

Olimpia Coral Melo Cruz became one of the 100 most influential people of 2021, according to Time Magazine's list.

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