Tacos and family: enchiladas, quesadillas and tlayudas

There is a huge variety of the taco's family. The Tacopedia lists meals from the enchiladas up to the regional tlayudas. 

Chalupas, panuchos and bocoles: Tacos' Vitamin T

Garnachas, peneques and salbutes: folkloric words that named many traditional food street. Corn and pork fat are essential these meals riche in vitamin T.

Majo Rodriguez, Poblana driver, will participate in the Ultimate Road ...

Majo Rodríguez, the Poblana driver will debut in the Ultimate Road Race 2021 as the Italian driver Prisica Taruffi's navigator. 

Gas workers consider to join National strike in Puebla

The National Gas Association in Mexico City started a labor strike inviting every state as Puebla; however, companies from Puebla are still analyzing it.

Poblanos in USA: California and NY have the most

According to the Yearbook of Migration and Remittances, the largest amount of Puebla residents lives in California and Yew York.

Article 19 registered 22 aggressions against Puebla's journalists in 2021

Articulo 19 sets Puebla as the 4th place in National level with more aggressions against journalists in the first half of 2021.

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