Chalupas, panuchos and bocoles: Tacos' Vitamin T

Garnachas, peneques and salbutes: folkloric words that named many traditional food street. Corn and pork fat are essential these meals riche in vitamin T.

Analco quarter, to the other side of the river

Analco is more than just a sunday's marketplace. This quarter hasy played an important take in the cultural history of Puebla.

Best zones to buy a house in Puebla

Security, accessibility, and to have a budget, are the most important to decide where to buy a house or apartment in Puebla, so it's important investigate. 

Poblanos in USA: California and NY have the most

According to the Yearbook of Migration and Remittances, the largest amount of Puebla residents lives in California and Yew York.

Come and visit the heroic towns in Puebla

Get to know the five towns in Puebla that have been named "heroics" due to their relevant participations in mexican history.

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